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A woman can expect to spend 1/3 to 1/2 of their lifetime in menopause. 

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Menopause Health


  SAGE Wellness Clinic is commited to supporting your journey through menopause. You can achieve hormonal harmony with treatments and tools customized for your individual needs.

 Options for achieving hormonal balance include lifestyle medicine, nutritional supplements, botanicals, and bioidentical transdermal hormones from conventional pharmaceutical choices or customized blends by compounding pharmacies.  


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  You have the opportunity to conveniently book an appointment through our secure telemedicine platform. Menopause health management works beautifully and elegantly with telemedicine and you can maintain your relationship with your local primary care provider. 

We take the time to get to know you, understand your history, and get a clear picture of your health goals. 

Together we work to individualize your healthcare plan to enable you to Thrive! 

 You can connect with our menopause specialist with your smartphone or computer whenever it is most favorable for you.  Click the button below to schedule an appointment online or call the office at (931) 229-0552.


Hormone Replenishment


 The exclusive focus of SAGE Wellness Clinic is assisting women in menopause to Thrive!

For many women, this may be achieved elegantly through replenishing and rebalancing hormones.

If you choose (HT) hormone therapy for your menopause health, we recommend bioidentical hormones which are molecularly identical to the hormones present in your body.

Bioidentical hormones include pharmaceutical choices of patch, gels, creams, or intravaginal ring which are available with a prescription from your local pharmacy as well as compounded options.