Integrative Medicine

Frustrated with your health?

 Get to the root cause of your problem and find balance so you can live your healthiest life! 

Integrative medicine

  • Spend more time with your healthcare provider
  • Get to the root cause of your problems
  • Feel better even if you have been told your labs are "normal"
  • Reduce your medications over time
  • Focus on prevention and wellbeing


The Integrative Difference

Take a step toward improving your health and wellness. 

Become a partner in your own health with a provider that listens.

You can find balance, recduce medications, lose weight, and feel betther than you have in years with a customized plan.



The menopause transition may be challenging for some women. It can pass with barely a notice or wreak havoc in your body, mind, life, and relationships. We can explore a wide range of options to restore your balance so you can THRIVE! 



Is he experiencing andropause? Common symptoms include changes in mood, fat distribution, loss of energy, poor sleep, sexual dysfunction, and/or muscle loss. Supplements and lifestyle changes may be effective. Testosterone therapy is offered, if indicated, and carefully monitored to maximize benefit and minimize risk.

Use a FSA or HSA for your visit!

Our care may also be covered by your provider as out-of-network medical care. Many of our clients get up to 70% reimbursed.


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Our Mission

 SAGE Wellness Clinic works to empower all persons on their healing journey to take charge of the process. By providing education, increasing awareness, and utilizing integrative healing methods, we help you to THRIVE!


North American Menopause Society